ArteReAstra: Art, Reality, Abstraction.

What is it?

ArteReAsta (from the Italian: Arte, Realtà and Astrazione) is an art exhibition involving an artistic, psychological and emotional voyage. The exhibition has the subheading "Human Pieces" because of its itinerary – a journey with 12 stops, in which the visitor is not a passive spectator but rather an active protagonist.

The exhibition route winds its way through the various spaces which house the artistic works, with theses and researchers enhancing the importance and value of their artistic culture, and QR codes which allow you to discover each one in depth.

The artistic creativity of the works, which highlights the emotional and communicative nature of the artist, is explained in order to create a connection with the artworks and achieve an awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. Parents and teachers may better inform their children and students about the artworks along the exhibition route using the Pitopí method of education, involving didactics and psycho-physical research into the individual.

The artist, Maurizio Pizzetti, a careful observer of the soul, finds his inspiration in the precariousness of human balance. In fact, his artwork makes a close connection with the observer and induces a sort of self-analysis, shining a spotlight on our senses and our interior and exterior reality.

Are you ready for a journey into your unconscious and emotions? The museum accompanies the "traveller" through various phases of existence and induces introspection and self-analysis (psycho-art).  Senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell guide  us inside ourselves and help us not to get lost in the illusions and traps that our often creates for us.

Visitors are advised to bring life’s only essential ingredient: self-irony! Enjoy the journey into the maze of your mind…