The Arms Museum – Emo Mecheroni’s private collection

Situated on the first floor, the Arms Museum is a private collection of weapons which was donated by the retired former Marshal, Emo Mecheroni. Created with passion and competence throughout his life, the exhibition includes precious ancient weapons which tell the history of various cultures and societies from the Middle Ages to the early-20th century. There are a total of 175 exhibits, including: 164 firearms and sharp-edged weapons from various eras and cultures, 10 helmets of different shapes and origins, and a sword stick. There are also various types of hand weapons used from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance period on display in the museum, as well as muzzle-loading firearms, with flintlock and nipple, which were personal possessions used by the Napoleonic and Garibaldian armies from 1600 to 1800. All pieces are catalogued by the collector and are currently on display in showcases with accompanying explanatory panels.