Room 5

The fifth room of the museum is dedicated to the “miners' society” –  their economic and social environment, their simple mechanism of fatigue, little money and many dangers. Until the second half of the 19th century, the Monte Amiata area’s economy was based on poor agro-pastoral activities, characterized by self-consumption with no outlets on the external market for its products (wood and coal). In relatively few years, however, the mines changed the way work was conceived, upsetting the customs and rhythms of an entire community. Despite this, the miners remained attached to traditions and did not completely abandon the land: small vegetable gardens, vineyards and chestnut groves were always tended during the hours when miners were free from mining work. In Santa Fiora, it was said: “In the mine, it does not rain and it does not snow” to indicate that even though this job offered a low salary, it had the perk of ensuring continuity and not being subjected to the vagaries of the seasons.