The Monte Amiata Mercury Mines Museum

The Monte Amiata Mercury Mines Museum museum is housed in six rooms on the ground floor of the ancient Sforza-Cesarini palace. The exhibition itinerary retraces the mining activities that characterized the Monte Amiata area between the 19th and 20th centuries, with particular reference to the area that lies between the municipalities of Santa Fiora and Castell'Azzara. Starting from the most ancient, the exhibition itinerary documents the techniques of mercury research and extraction, illustrates the mining sites in the area, and exhibits tools and tools used by miners for mining. Through documents and photographic images, the museum not only documents the tragic consequences of working in the mines, but also the strikes and struggles of workers to improve their working conditions. The museum also houses an interesting mineral exhibition on the second floor. The archive and the photo library may be visited with advance reservation. There are guided tours of the museum and, with advance booking, visitors can see the chestnut groves and the Fiora aqueduct. Since 2015, the Santa Fiora Mining Museum has become a Google partner, meaning that its collections are visible on Google Arts and Culture, along with 59 other institutions from around the world.