Chiesa di S. Cristina - Rocchette di Fazio

Overlooking the Albegna gorges, the ancient village of the Abbey of San Salvatore was fortified by the Aldobrandeschi and called Rocchette di Fazio after its lord, Count Fazio Cacciaconti, lord of Rocchette. The church of Santa Cristina, now deconsecrated and used as a warehouse, was built at the end of the 11th century in a simple Romanesque style, both inside and out. The access portal is decentralized relative to the roof and the rose window, to the right of which there is an example of a Templar or Maltese cross. Inside, there are remains of highly deteriorated frescoes depicting the Madonna enthroned with saints, an arch that supports the roof truss, and another arch which leads into the apse area.