The Parish Church of Santi Vincenzo and Anastasio

The parish church of Santi Vincenzo and Anastasio appears for the first time in the Tithes of 1276-7. Built in late Romanesque style with Gothic elements, it has a gabled façade, with a Gothic-like portal cladded with limestone and travertine, and an imposing bell tower. The interior has a rectangular plan with a sail-vaulted terminal scarsella, and the walls contain 13th-century and Renaissance decorative stone elements. The altars, balustrade, holy water font and baptismal font are in travertine. The church is decorated and illuminated by five windows, two circular and three rectangular, with stained glass windows of the Sienese school. On the counter-façade, a plaque commemorates the restoration work of 1579. A canvas inside the church depicts the legend of the slaying of the Vignacci monster, the beast that roamed the area, which was killed by the Semproniano parish priest with the help of the Madonna and the saints Antonio Abbot and Lucia. There are also some sixteenth-century paintings from the school of Gerolamo del Pacchia.