Church of Saint Michael Archangel

Although the Church of San Michael Archangel dates back to the thirteenth century (built in Propositura in 1264), its current neoclassical forms are the result of renovation work that was carried out between 1815 and 1832 by the architect Paglierini. The façade is made of trachyte and has four pilasters supporting a triangular tympanum. In the shape of a Latin cross, the inside of the church is decorated with Corinthian-style pilasters and columns, with a protruding cornice at the top onto which the roof vaults are grafted. On the first altar on the right, there is a 17th century canvas by the Sienese painter Rutilio Manetti (signed and dated 1600), depicting Saint Charles Borromeo in prayer. In the transept altar, there is the monumental altarpiece by Bartolomeo Neroni, also known as “Il Riccio”, portraying the Madonna enthroned with the Child surrounded by angels and the saints Laurence and Anthony Abbot, a work datable between 1535 and 1540. The main altar, made of plaster, houses the statues of Saint Michael and Saint Sebastian, while there is a 16th century marble stoup in the transept. On the inside wall of a small chapel, there is a marble tabernacle influenced by fifteenth-century Florentine models which was built by the sculptor Benedict of Maiano around 1470.