Thematic trails

The Via della Castagna and the Via delle Fonti are the House Museum’s thematic trails which are linked to the history and economy of the area. Studied from an environmental and anthropological point of view, both trails have explanatory signs placed along the route and are of anthropological, botanical, wildlife and landscape interest. The Via delle Fonti leads down from the House Museum to the road out of town and continues along the Marroneta. At the end of the chestnut groves, the path intersects the Strada delle Vigne, and then continues towards the Fonte Vecchia, up to the Fonte di Sotto, which was used to supply water for animal and domestic use, eventually reaching the town of Serraglio below. The 1.5-kilometre, medium-difficulty route takes about an hour on foot, with a 200-meter steep uphill final stretch. Downstream of the village, The Via della Castagna trail plunges into a vast grove of ​​sweet chestnut trees, an environmental habitat of community interest, before flattening out and ascending to the crest of the hill in front of Monticello Amiata. Along the route, it is possible to see dryers, huts amd old dry stone walls, with dramatic panoramic views of both Monte Amiata and the Maremma region. Information signs are situated at the main places of historical and environmental interest along its length of 2 kilometres, a journey time of about 2 hours.