The Church of Corpus Christi

Built in the 17th century in the town square at the top of a staircase, Corpus Christi Church occupies the highest part of Seggiano’s historic centre. The church has a rectangular plan, a stone gabled façade, a bell tower on the side, and is covered with trusses. Inside, there are three altars, next to the biggest of which stand two early 18th century wooden statues depicting Saint Francis of Paola and the Sorrowful Madonna of the suppressed Company of Saint Catherine of Siena. Renovated in 1869, the church is also known as Saint Bernardine of Siena because the non-corporal relics of the Sienese saint that it houses: habit, paten, pyx and a lens case preserved in a wooden reliquary made in 1750 from the Convent of Colombaio. Andrea Vanni's 14th century panel of the Madonna and Child is also associated with the memory of Saint Bernardine.