Piazza Giacomo Matteotti and bronze statue (ES)

The bronze and stone sculpture “Boy looking into the distance”, depicting a teenager gazing at the horizon, was put up in Piazza Matteotti along with a fountain in 2008. On the young man's shoulder, there is a snail, an animal with two eyes and two sensory antennae, which represents the boy’s attention to the action of looking.

The boy is sitting on rocks which simulate a mountain while, behind him, there are some more snails and a lizard moving towards the fountain. The sculpture symbolizes the childhood dreams of the many children who grew up in the town and who, observing the horizon that opened up before them, hoped to travel and imagined their future – a set of memories that becomes collective memory fixed in the landscape, both for those who remain and for those who leave; emotions that anyone who returns to the village can relive and remember by observing, with enchantment, the view and wonder that fills the eyes.