The Clock Tower and Sundial Fresco (ES)

Overlooking the church square, the Clock Tower is an integral part of the ancient fortress of the Aldobrandeschi. In an angular position compared to the fortress, the tower is built in stone blocks and divided into two orders. Adorning the top of the tower are four modern clocks, above which there are decorative triangular corbels. The tower’s sundial, Celestium index, is a mural conceived and created in 1997 by the astronomer Luigi Torlai, who is responsible for all the sundials in the area. The sundial marks the hours through a system of symbols, such as a tree that collects the zodiac signs, and it is possible to know the time throughout the year through the projection of the shadow. The bears and pumpkins in the mural symbolize the village’s culture and memory, the bears representing the surprise of its inhabitants, and the pumpkins denoting luminous presences that shine on Halloween night and into All Saints’ Day.