The history and tradition of wine

Vines have been cultivated in the Montecucco area since ancient times, as evident from the area’s many indigenous vines and wide varietal heritage. A document dated 1106 refers to a donation made to the Abbey of San Salvatore in the village of Montecucco. Another document dated 1676 estimates that, in the court of Cinigiano, 600 somas of wine were produced each year (one soma is equal to two barrels, about 90 litres). The area where ​​Montecucco wine is produced is characterized by altitudes and land suitable for the cultivation of the vines, including the Municipalities of Arcidosso, Castel del Piano, Campagnatico, Cinigiano, Civitella Paganico, Roccalbegna and Seggiano. The main grape varieties of the Montecucco are Sangiovese, Trebbiano, and White Vermentino, and the area has a large number of wineries and wine companies.