Other works by Giuseppe Nicola Nasini: “Christ in Piety”, "The Assumption of the Madonna", and "The Enthroned Madonna with Child and saints".

The Piety (or Mourning for the dead Christ) was painted by Giuseppe Nicola Nasini in the early 18th century and is located in the right transept. Having been taken down from the cross, the body of Christ lies against the Virgin Mary, supported by some angels and illuminated by a ray of light that comes from the Holy Spirit. The figure of Saint Peter is depicted next to the body of Christ, with the keys of the Kingdom in his hand, and Saint Francis is portrayed kissing the wounds at Jesus' feet. Under the figures of Christ and the Madonna there is the open tomb, prefiguring the Resurrection.

Opposite The Piety, there is a canvas which depicts the Assumption of the Madonna and, on the second altar of the Church of the Propositura, there is another canvas depicting the Madonna and Child with Saint Catherine of Alexandria and other saints, both by Giuseppe Nicola Nasini. The painting is clearly influenced by the Venetian school due to its use of colour and light, which stand out most in the depiction of the Virgin Mary with her coloured mantle, the whiteness of the Child, and the flesh of the little angels who support Mary’s crown.