Montenero d'Orcia

Montenero d'Orcia is an ancient, pretty rural village located in the province of Grosseto in southern Tuscany, near the border with the province of Siena and the municipality of Montalcino. Due to its dominant position, it represents the crossroads, the confluence and the amalgamation of the three well-known, important regions: Val d'Orcia,  Amiata and Maremma.

Located in the heart of Val d'Orcia, Montenero Castle dates back to the beginning of the 10th century when it belonged to the Abbey of the Holy Saviour. Ownership of the castle was disputed by the feudal families of the area until the 13th century, when it was settled by the city families of the Buonsignori and Salimbeni, before eventually being taken over by Siena in the 15th century.


The Vine and Wine Museum, Montenero d'Orcia

The Vine and Wine Museum in Montenero d'Orcia was set up in the central square of the town, inside the old warehouses of the farm that belonged to the Avanzati family. The museum houses traditional objects used for viticulture and winemaking, including scissors, pumps for copper and corkscrews and demijohns, and traces its history through a series of explanatory panels. Inside the museum, there are also sections dedicated to chestnuts and extra virgin olive oil.