The Church of the Propositura

The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, also known as the Church of the Propositura or the Church of the Opera, was built between the 15th century and 19th centuries. The church has a 17th century shaped bell tower and a rich Baroque facade decorated with architraves, coats of arms and niches. Its Latin cross plan has a single nave with a series of side chapels which are rich in sacred images. On the second altar on the right, there is a mid-17th century canvas by Domenico Manetti depicting the Madonna and Child with Saint Cerbone. Built by Antonio and Benedetto Amati, sculptors from nearby Arcidosso, the altar in the right transept houses the dressed statues of the Crucifix and mourners, which are carried during the Good Friday procession. The transept is decorated with frescoes by Giuseppe Nicola Nasini and Gioacchino Corbelli and the Baroque style high altar is adorned with the statues of Saint Sebastian and Saint Rocco. The walls of the left transept portray the Madonna and Child with Saint Nicholas and Saint Michael the Archangel by Francesco Nasini, and the Beheading of the Baptist by Alessandro Casolani. On the altars of the chapels on the left, there are two 18th century wooden statues, representing Saint Anthony of Padova and Saint Nicholas of Tolentino from the Convent of Saint Processo, and two paintings by Giuseppe Nicola Nasini.