Museum: The Collections of Palazzo Nerucci

Palazzo Nerucci covers a large area between Piazza Colonna and Corso Nasini. Built in Renaissance style, it has lateral projections that enclose a courtyard onto which a large loggia opens. The façade has a rusticated portal flanked by windows with sill and supporting corbels on the ground floor, while on the upper level the windows have frames and architraves in Pietra serena. The entire construction of the building plays on an alternation of solids and voids through the use of stone that stands out on the plaster surfaces. The loggia has an "L"-shaped layout, with a wooden roof formed by pairs of round arches resting on Doric capitals alternating with bundled pillars. Palazzo Nerucci houses a large collection of paintings, graphics, sculpture, archaeological finds and the archive funds of prominent families from Castel del Piano and the National Combatants' Association.