Storte Contrada

The Storte district includes the area stretching from Piazza Garibaldi, where the Palio takes place, in the direction of Via del Fattorone and Via dei Mulini, to the hamlets of Montenero and Montegiovi. The district’s  colours are black and white with light blue trim. The festival of the Assumption, the Storte district’s patron, is celebrated on 16th August in the Church of the Opera. The "Celesti" represent small artisans and merchants and, therefore, the Second Prior of the "Lira Media". Piazza Garibaldi is a large 19th century shell-shaped square based on Piazza del Campo in Siena which was built on the previous 17th century layout of Storte. In the centre of the square, there is a monument to Garibaldi surrounded by three fountains, the largest of which is the symbol of the Storte district. The obelisk dedicated to the Hero of the Two Worlds was inaugurated on 11th September 1883, and was the second monument in Italy to be built and dedicated to Garibaldi. On its four sides, it bears the inscriptions: Patria (homeland), Libertà (Freedom), Umanità (Humanity), and A (To) Giuseppe Garibaldi MDCCCLXXXIII.