Borgo Contrada

The Borgo district includes the entire area strtching from Via San Giovanni to Via di Montegiovi, including the ancient territories of Contrade Fonte, Volpaio, Colombaio, Tepolini. The district’s colours are pink and purple with black trim. The festival of Saint Francesco of Assisi, the Borgo district’s patron saint, is celebrated on 2nd August, the day of the Pardon of Assisi, in the Church of San Giuseppe. The "Neri" represent small artisans and merchants, including the First Prior of the "Lira Media". Its territory includes the Great Fountain (Fontana Grande), consisting of a circular trachyte basin at the centre of which there is a column with grooves, surmounted by a Doric capital. Corso Nasini, the main street that divides the old town from the modern village and is overlooked by the main civic and private buildings, crosses the entire territory of the Contrada district.